And So It Begins

Monday, August 01, 2011

After wandering around other personal & book review blog sites, I’ve decided to start my own personal blog. This blog is where I post my thoughts about life, books, movies and other things. Simply I am planning to babble on about things that I am interested.

I like to call myself as a bookworm, since the most favorite thing in my life is reading, I am really addict to it and now it is a habit. Books bring me into another world and let me live through it and be someone else. I read almost anything, but in the past 2-3 years, I’ve really gotten into fantasy, paranormal romance, YA, adult fictions and historical fictions. Recently I really enjoyed reading few chick-lit books.

I like writing too but do not have a true talent to do it and I always struggle with words. So apart from reading my next favorite thing is movies. I mostly enjoy fantasy, comedy, family, drama, sci-fi, and romance movies.
Aside from books and movies, the one thing I really love and always try to make time to do is dancing. I always wanted to be a dancer from the day I can remember, though I couldn’t become one.

So this is me and my blog. I’m not sure people will read this blog or not but if you stopped by this way I warmly welcome you!


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