Tiger's Curse by Colleen Houck

Saturday, October 15, 2011

When I went to an international book fair few weeks back, I found this interesting book. I was attracted to the book because of the cover. I picked the book and read the back cover and it seemed interesting to me. So I bought this book Tiger’s Curse and the second book of the series Tiger’s Quest. I am glad I bought it.
I found it is very hard to put the book back once I started reading. I really love the plot, which blends Indian mythology with romance and adventure.  Houck surely has done a lot of research into the mythology and it reads well and feels so real. I always love to read about myths and this story with the actions and romance…. oh I really love it.

First I didn’t much like the writing of the story. I thought it was very childish, but after reading few chapters and glued to the book, the writing style didn’t matter to me. But I felt like something missing, because Houck was telling the story rather than showing it.
The characters of the story seemed ok to me. Kelsey is believable as a teenage girl and romantic, but she also has her feet on the ground. I always felt like Mr. Kadam must be a bad guy, because he is too perfect. But still he is on the side of the noble. Ren was also a fabulous character. He is a passionate, stubborn and a ferocious character. Ren’s brother, Kishan, reminds me of Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries, sarcastic and a pushy guy.

It has been a long while since I’d read such a refreshing and original story like Tiger’s Curse. Colleen Houck has done a great piece as a new writer by creating this enchanting tale with magic, adventure, romance, and myth.

I am reading the second book in the series, Tiger’s Quest, and hope to post my thoughts ASAP once I finished it.

My Rating: 4 out of 5


Melissa (My World...in words and pages) said...

You know I'm really hearing good things about this one. So glad to see you enjoyed it. :) Thank you! And thank you for stopping by the blog as well.

Wandering around Life said...

Thank you very much for stopping by this way. I'm sure you will enjoy it.

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