Orphan Black – How Many of Us Are There?

Monday, September 09, 2013

Orphan Black

When I found out about this new show, Orphan Black, it has already aired the first season. But I am glad that I got to enjoy the entire season without any interruption. It is hard to wait week after week to get answers for the questions and satisfy the curiosity, when watching a TV series like Orphan Black. Surprisingly I enjoyed this show more than any of the sci-fi TV series I have ever watched and I have never got bored for a second.

Sarah Manning witnesses a woman, who looks like her (Beth), jump in front of a train while she was returning to States to reclaim her daughter. Sarah assumes her dead doppelganger’s identity and lands in the middle of a huge human cloning conspiracy. The story elaborates the ethical issues and impact of human cloning.

One of the strongest elements of this show is its cast, to be more specific, the leading performer who portrays Sarah Manning and her other clones, Tatiana Maslany, is brilliant. She can disappear into a role so deeply you forget the actor and only see the character she portrays. Honestly, she can play ANYONE. Each of the different characters of the clones has unique personality, mannerism, and dialect. Maslany disappears into each woman’s identity effortlessly and you never have to wonder which character you are looking at, and you almost forget the same actress performs all these characters. I have never seen a performer play multiple roles simultaneously with such success.

Other casts of the show also perform brilliantly in this show. Jordan Gavaris plays Felix Dawkins, Sarah’s foster brother, who is gay. Dylan Bruce plays Paul Dierden, Beth’s lover and later Sarah’s lover. Maria Doyle Kennedy portrays Mrs. S, Sarah’s foster mother and Kira’s guardian (Sarah’s daughter). Michael Mando plays Vic, Sarah’s drug-dealing, abusive boyfriend. Kevin Hanchard plays Detective Art, Beth’s police partner.

Even though I don’t like to spoil the storyline with many details, I must say that the plot is very unique, captivating and thrilling. You can’t find other sci-fi elements in this series such as time travelling, aliens with actions, and teleporting. Instead you land to a more realistic scientific world of clones and genetic experiments.

Orphan Black is one of the best TV series I have ever watched with a good cast and a unique storyline. I am impatiently looking forward to dive into the second season of the series in the next year, and it is really sad that I have to wait that long.

My Rating: 5 out of 5


Anonymous said...

Your enthusiasm on this makes me want to watch it..though i still did n`t get the time to watch it. :)

Wandering around Life said...

It's really good. Just watch first few episodes and you'll get addict to it.

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