Julie & Julia

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Julie & Julia

I didn’t get any chance to watch this film when it came out in 2009. I thought it might be boring since it is about food and cooking. I have to admit that I am not a foodie and I hate cooking. So I didn’t bother to expend 2 hours to watch it. Anyhow very recently one of my good friends recommended this movie and I thought of give it a try since that day I had nothing to do and was feeling sick.

Before watching this movie I was oblivious of these two amazing women Julia Child and Julie Powell. I have not read or heard about their books before; anyway I have never read a single cook book or chef biographies in my entire life. What glued me into this movie was Julie’s and Julia’s personalities. Their commitment to pursue their passion sends an inspirational message that anyone can be successful. Julie’s everyday constant struggle to continue her cooking project and the feedback she gets at the end excellently elaborates that consistent commitment does really pay off.

I love Julia Child’s personality and the sweet smile that never left her beautiful face. Her positive attitude towards her life and her love for her husband and food really touched my heart. They, Julia and Paul, are an adorable couple. Both Julie and Julia are really blessed to have such supportive and loving husbands.

Meryl Streep does an excellent job portraying Julia Child. While I was watching this movie I watched a YouTube video of Julia Child just to see the real person. I was impressed about Meryl Streep’s acting. She expertly impersonates the personality and mannerism of Julia Child, no wonder she was nominated and won so many awards in her acting career. Amy Adams is also amazing as Julie Powell. She is one of my favorites. Both Stanley Tucci and Chris Messina also have done an amazing job portraying respective husbands of these amazing women.

This is a nice combination of food, passion, commitment and relationship. I have to admit that this movie makes me craving for French food though I am not a foodie. Beyond just being good entertainment, this movie is very inspiring.

My Rating: 4 out of 5


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