It’s a New Dawn, It’s a New Day

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Another year has gone. It feels like it wasn’t long ago that it was the beginning of the last year. It’s amazing to see how time flies.




2013 was one of the best years for us. We became parents, and it was the most wonderful experience we’ve ever had. Our baby boy, Akira, is almost two months old. When he smiles with his birdy eyes all the exhaustion and distress fly away. Every minute spending with him is so precious and memorable. Sometimes I look at him and think “OMG… Did we really make this beautiful creature?” I’ve never thought I would feel this way, these wonderful miraculous feelings, about giving a birth to a child.

This year my hope is to be a good mother and take a good care of my little family. I wish my family to be happy, for my baby to move forward and keep growing and developing, for my husband to be joyful in his new role, and for everyone to be happy.

Happy 2014!!!


Poo said...

lovely post :)
Happy New Year to you too !!

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