I’m H-A-P-P-Y

Monday, March 17, 2014

I’m H-A-P-P-Y is one of Akira’s favorite nursery rhymes. He always responds very happily to this song with a little coos and goo-goos. It’s hard to believe that our sweet little boy Akira is four months old already. I enjoy his sweetness so much every day and cherish every moment being around him. I can’t stop admiring him every second, as for me, he is the most wonderful, beautiful and innocent creature in the whole world. I can’t even begin to explain how motherhood has changed me.


I have never been a kid person before, I didn’t even know whether I like children or not. So when we got the news about our new addition to the family, we got scared. Of course we were so happy to hear the good news, but we got so scared about parenting. I was so worried about being a good mother because I’ve never thought about mothering before. KP helped me a lot to overcome my fear. At last I learned that if you love your baby, care about him, protect him, and give your best to be a good mother you don’t have to be worried about it. There is no such thing as bad mothering if you try your best to raise your child in a good way.

My nine months period of pregnancy was not that fabulous. I was so moody, grumpy and was in the pain most of the time and the worst part was the food aversion. Until the day that Akira was born, I didn’t enjoy a single meal. I just ate for the sake of nourishment. But the feeling of having your little buddy with you all the time was amazing. And there’s really no way to describe the feel of those first kicks. All the pain that I have suffered through that time just vanished when I first saw his face. That tiny little face brought so much happiness to our small family and now we can’t think about how we have been living without him all these past years.

I have learned so many things for this four months. I have learned to live on less sleep, to eat super-fast, to shower in two minutes, to organize effectively, and most importantly to be strong. Also when others pass judgment on parenting decisions it is hard to do things in my own way, but somehow I managed to master the art of ‘keep calm and do things as I like’. I know it is hard to raise a child, and no one tells this before we have kids, maybe it’s because they don’t want to scare us. Even though it is hard, there is nothing to be scared. Honestly, there is nothing like seeing that wide smile in the baby’s face when he sees us. All the hard work we do, all the sacrifices we make, is worth to see that cute smile.



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